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It's all over now, baby blue
Can you hear me, baby blue?
I don't even know if you're in there,
But if you are, know that I'm sad
And I know I will regret
I wish I knew before I swallowed
And the pill would put you down
Yet I didn't do it because I hate you
I did it because I'm scared
Baby blue, I don't hate you
I love you with every cell
And there's nothing I'd love more
Than to hold you in my arms
But I'm scared of what they'll say
And scared of what would happen
Would I be a good mother?
Would you love me like I love you?
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Me luv by TeeseVonHoff Me luv :iconteesevonhoff:TeeseVonHoff 2 4 Would you help me with this? by TeeseVonHoff Would you help me with this? :iconteesevonhoff:TeeseVonHoff 1 0
Am I being a drama queen again?
Something is definitely wrong when you sit down listening to "Don't cry" by Guns and Roses. Axl's voice is so gentle and soothing against the sore and vulnerable. It makes me feel a little bit better about it all, yet it's not long lasting and soon I'm back on the ground with my hands tied on my back.
What shall I do, I ask myself while trying to pull together. He'll be angry with me if I start bitching about it again, that I know for sure. I don't like it either; when I grow into a drama queen and let my feelings outshine me. But what the hell should I do? I'll eventually need to ask him, and soon.
Does he even realize it, that I'm in love with him and that's why I've let him touch and caress me, why I've let him into my heart once again? I mentioned what it would take of him to go any further with me, but then he grew silent and mumbled something about how relationships are stupid. Now I don't know what to do anymore.
If we were a couple, then I'd be safe with him. Then I would know
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If I was your vampire (RAGANORE) 2
Part 2, Mr. Boo and the bunny
It's been a few weeks since I first tasted her innocent skin and let my lusts go too far with her. Neither she nor I have talked about it afterwards, almost as if it was just a dream that we are to let go of. Sadly I do realize that it's burnt to my memory as well as hers and bound to be replayed over and over, just like my first taste of blood. I was the first one to touch her and she surely won't forget that.
There was a knock on the door that made me walk downstairs. Lenore wasn't home just yet; she was still outside "playing", which probably meant torturing animals somewhere in the woods these days. Yesterday she came home with bloody hands and told me about how the fox had wanted her to cuddle with its cubs. Sadly, the mummy fox had gotten angry with her for being a little rough on them, so she decided that mummy fox needed some attention as well...
I opened the door gently, hoping that Lenore might be back home early, but I was to be very disappointe
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Mature content
If I was your vampire (RAGANORE) :iconteesevonhoff:TeeseVonHoff 15 4
These are the humane ways of the ants
I have always been precocious. As a child I was extremely careful and patient, I never created problems for my parents and spent most of my spare time alone in my room. There I created a world of my own, a world without any known borders. It was a relief to be alone at times.
There is very little I despise more than humanity. We're like ants, don't you see? Here we are, crawling over the surface of the earth during daytime, stealing and devouring everything that is of use to us. Then, when the night arrives we crawl back to into our dens to feed. Our queen's words are the law; we only follow her instructions, even when they lead to the death and suffering of millions. Then there is war, this instinct we have to destroy each other in order to enlarge our kingdom.
Then there is a question of humanity, always a questioning of the humanity. Was this a humane way of solving things?
What exactly is humanity? In my opinion it certainly isn't loving and caring for each other, because we rarely
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Jealous by TeeseVonHoff Jealous :iconteesevonhoff:TeeseVonHoff 1 0
Det er dags
Jag finner tröst i mitt kaffe
Och känner hur bittert det smakar
Såsom mina tårar är bittra
Det är mitt kaffe
Jag försöker att inte gråta
Även om jag faller isär
Och mitt hjärta är sönder
Jag ska inte gråta
Det är dags att släppa taget
Av din hand
Som vilar i min
Det är dags, och jag vet
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"Du är lite söt,"
säger jag, och jag tror att jag menar det.
Egentligen vet jag inte om jag menar det heller, men jag vill at det ska vara så der. Jag vill att jag ska vilja kyssa honom och jag vill att jag ska kunna älska honom också.
"Nej, förresten, du är inte söt, du er snygg,"
viskar jag lågt in i hans öra. Han skrattar åt kommentaren, men håller mig ännu närmare nu. Nu vet jag nästen att jag kan älska honom, därför lutar jag mig närmare honom och säger:
"Vill du kyssa mig?" Och han ler, hans leende er så vackert. Och han kyssar mig nu. Kyssar mina läppar långsamt, nästen som om han vill stanna så för evigt. Inte att det hade varit en dålig sak.
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Karsken by TeeseVonHoff Karsken :iconteesevonhoff:TeeseVonHoff 0 0
I'm leaving now, running through a tunnel of light
There's no hope to trust in just the light in the end
So prettily they smile at me angels dressed in white
Leaving for a place where there's no need to pretend
Little devil on my shoulder so gentle he smiles
He knows where I'm heading at this hour of dark
Whispering in my ear that there will be no more trials
Soon I'll be running into the arms of Marc
The truck is moving closer, can't see me where I stand
I'm smiling so brightly while tears chose to run
Soon they'll be here to hold my dead hand
And in a matter of seconds I'm disappearing into the sun
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When love said no by TeeseVonHoff When love said no :iconteesevonhoff:TeeseVonHoff 1 0 I'm loved by TeeseVonHoff I'm loved :iconteesevonhoff:TeeseVonHoff 0 0 Say hello to Mr. Perfect by TeeseVonHoff Say hello to Mr. Perfect :iconteesevonhoff:TeeseVonHoff 1 1 You had time by TeeseVonHoff You had time :iconteesevonhoff:TeeseVonHoff 0 0


Sweet Pandemonium by akvaMarinka Sweet Pandemonium :iconakvamarinka:akvaMarinka 640 95



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